Dear London (an unlove letter)

Unfortunately this is a falling out of love letter and not the opposite of its kind. Do people ever actually write those? I suppose, in a mad dash to leave, on a notepad meant for shopping lists, or smudged on a napkin with the skid-marks to show the at breaking neck speed at which they raced out of your life. More obviously through text messages, in as little words as: ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ ‘There’s somebody else.’ ‘I’m sorry.’ ‘It’s not you, it’s me.’

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‘Sick of Losing Soulmates’: A piece inspired by Sara Barnard’s ‘A Quiet Kind of Thunder’

Happy Publication Day to Sara Barnard and her completely and utterly wonderful book, ‘A Quiet Kind of Thunder‘. I’ve made no secret of how much I fell in love with Steffi and Rhys, so I was honoured to be contacted by Macmillan to pull together a post in honour of ‘AQKOT’ and, more specifically, Steffi’s selective mutism.

Macmillan asked bloggers to consider what it might be like to live with selective mutism, to imagine a day in silence. So I began to think about some of my most recent days and how those daily tasks might challenge someone with selective mutism in a vastly different way than they do me. One of those said┬ádays my train ticket was a print-at-home sort of gig and not the orange ones that you can ‘do yourself’ when going through the barriers at stations. It meant I had to find a train guard/conductor and be let through rather than do it quick and easy by myself. And this┬ámaybe, sort of, definitely spiralled and turned into this little short story about Ivy. Enjoy and find links at the end to buy this fab, incredible book!

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