Recent Reads feat. Dolly Alderton & Sara Barnard

What a shocker, I’m here to yell about and review some books for you. I’m a little bit rusty on the whole reviewing thing, so I’ve taken a running jump at my laptop and smashed my hands on the keys in the hopes these mini reviews will compel you to pick up a book and have a read. The first is the gorgeous memoir by Dolly Alderton, ‘Everything I Know About Love’, and the second is Sara Barnard’s recent YA title ‘Fierce Fragile Hearts’. Both were wonderful and have been awarded my elusive 5 star rating, no big deal. If that doesn’t entice you, hopefully what I have to say will!

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‘Goodbye, Perfect’ by Sara Barnard

/5 stars

Published by Macmillan!

Eden and Bonnie balance each other out. Eden is wild, whilst Bonnie is sensible. Bonnie exceeds at school, whilst Eden… barely scrapes by. It is perhaps the reason these polar opposites become best friends in the first place. But then Bonnie does something entirely unexpected, breaking the mould they so meticulously squeezed themselves into, and Eden is left to pick up the pieces, to decide her own right from wrong. When Bonnie runs away to be with their music teacher, Mr Cohn, Eden questions just about everything; the authenticity of her friendship when a secret so monumental goes unshared, her relationship with her adoptive family, boyfriend and teachers. Most important of all, Eden has to decide where she fits in all of the chaos and decide, when push comes to shove, if she wants to live up to the stereotypes she has forced upon herself for so long.

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Happy Palentines Day: My fave platonic relationships in YA

If you weren’t already aware, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Now, I’m not going to jump on the ‘cool, I’m anti-everything’ bus and say I’m opposed to Valentine’s Day. If the day ever comes where someone walks into my life and my head actually allows something to happen there romantically, I’m positive I will buy into the commercial holiday as much as I do every holiday. I agree that there shouldn’t be just one day set aside for you to show your devotion to your partner, but, let’s be real, life is busy and sometimes it’s kinda sweet to give your bae (ew) some special treatment. That said, I’m devoting this year’s Valentine’s Day to platonic relationships, more specifically some of my favourite pals in YA. So, let’s begin.

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‘Sick of Losing Soulmates’: A piece inspired by Sara Barnard’s ‘A Quiet Kind of Thunder’

Happy Publication Day to Sara Barnard and her completely and utterly wonderful book, ‘A Quiet Kind of Thunder‘. I’ve made no secret of how much I fell in love with Steffi and Rhys, so I was honoured to be contacted by Macmillan to pull together a post in honour of ‘AQKOT’ and, more specifically, Steffi’s selective mutism.

Macmillan asked bloggers to consider what it might be like to live with selective mutism, to imagine a day in silence. So I began to think about some of my most recent days and how those daily tasks might challenge someone with selective mutism in a vastly different way than they do me. One of those said days my train ticket was a print-at-home sort of gig and not the orange ones that you can ‘do yourself’ when going through the barriers at stations. It meant I had to find a train guard/conductor and be let through rather than do it quick and easy by myself. And this maybe, sort of, definitely spiralled and turned into this little short story about Ivy. Enjoy and find links at the end to buy this fab, incredible book!

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