Self care 101 #1

Ever since I started working full time 10 months ago, my weekends and evenings have become sacred. Whilst I spend every other evening (or two at the moment, because I’m trying but probably not enough) at the gym on weekdays, my weekends have become all about filling the time with all the things I want and need to do. At the same time I want to be able to relax and savour my freedom and just make my little heart happy. But, weirdly, it’s not always easy to do the things you want to do? You guilt trip yourself into thinking you’re being lazy, or waste time doing a lot of nothing — which is good self care when you really need it, but not when you’re just feeling uninspired and…lazy…?

I’m losing you, I can see that. But hold up just a second, because I think my self care practices are pretty good. And this is likely the first of many, so keep a watch out.

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The month of March

I’m feeling very uninspired at the moment, which you can probably tell from the echo around these parts of the internet. The arrival of April brings some relief, being able to grapple onto a sense of consistency with my usual wrap-up. I’m hoping things will be back to semi-regular content soon. But, for now, let’s talk about March. March was snowy, spring-like, but mostly rain. Apart from that, it was mostly uneventful. Between in-depth Bumble conversations that led nowhere, work and actually quite a lot of books, it was pretty on par with February and that whole ‘you were a kind month’ thing I was banging on about this time last month. April, though. That’s going to be a happening month. And hopefully it’ll inspire some more words. Watch this space.

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‘I Was Born For This’ by Alice Oseman

/5 stars

Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books!

To Angel Rahimi, The Ark is her whole life. As one third of the pop-rock band, for Jimmy Kaga-Ricci The Ark is his life. Thrust into the spotlight at a young age, Jimmy deals with the hangover of invasive fans, his anxiety and missing home. Meanwhile, Angel owes everything she has to the band. Friends, life aspirations and a purpose. All that comes under threat. In the run up to the meet and greet, the moment in which The Ark will become tangible beings in Angel’s life, things begin to unravel — both for the fandom and the band itself.

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The month of February

Let’s give it up for February. February was good. Surprisingly good. It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve had a solid month where I haven’t been suddenly swamped by heaviness. Throughout February I felt really in-tune with myself. Physically, mentally. I was kind to myself. It was a good month. I went on a date, I had a great girly night complete with hilarious, somewhat terrifying face masks. I reunited with some of my favourite people in the world. And it didn’t drag, which isn’t altogether surprising. As the shortest month, it’s there and gone in a second. I like new months. Although it’s just time passing, a new month always feels like a mini refresh. March, be kind.

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