Book Bites ft. Louise Pentland, Carlie Sorosiak & Jennifer Mathieu

Here we are again. More reading has been done and reviews written in — fairly  quick succession. I say that, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read at least two point five more books since finishing these three, so I’m probably, definitely still behind. But anyway. Fabulous books? Turns out I’ve been reading them. I loved all of these quite a bit and, quite coincidentally, they actually go from a three start review to a four, followed by a five. The best until last (even though, duh, I loved them all, I already said that). Again, unintentional, I promise. Read them all. They’re all pretty special in their own ways and I’ll get onto exactly why right… now!

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Happy Palentines Day: My fave platonic relationships in YA

If you weren’t already aware, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Now, I’m not going to jump on the ‘cool, I’m anti-everything’ bus and say I’m opposed to Valentine’s Day. If the day ever comes where someone walks into my life and my head actually allows something to happen there romantically, I’m positive I will buy into the commercial holiday as much as I do every holiday. I agree that there shouldn’t be just one day set aside for you to show your devotion to your partner, but, let’s be real, life is busy and sometimes it’s kinda sweet to give your bae (ew) some special treatment. That said, I’m devoting this year’s Valentine’s Day to platonic relationships, more specifically some of my favourite pals in YA. So, let’s begin.

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FYI: you can be a teenager, read YA and formulate your own opinions

Regardless of whether you watch or even like Zoella, or if you’ve even taken part in her book club with WHSmith’s, you should have a huge problem with the latest headline going around about her. I most certainly do.

It’s not exactly new that the media absolutely thrives off of criticising everything Zoe Sugg does. She’s accumulated over 10 million subscribers by putting herself out there on the internet. On top of that, she’s made a real name for herself in the publishing industry and the celebrity world as a whole. She’s huge, so naturally the media like to tear her down.

Recently Zoe announced that she would be collaborating with WHSmith’s and putting together a book club with eight YA titles. I couldn’t be more over the moon that Zoe is pushing her audience to read more and, simultaneously, celebrating some amazing books in a genre I absolutely love.

But, surprise, surprise, turns out the media has a problem with it and Zoe was quick to share her thoughts.
The basic jist of the article was that the books chosen over romanticise the losing of one’s virginity and create it into a far bigger thing than it actually is. The article also picks out some choice quotes from a couple of the works, depicting them completely out of context so it all sounds pretty bad — on the book’s part, of course. They also drill home the completely ludicrous suggestion that the YA titles perpetuate the idea that to have sex makes you a slut and, if you don’t, you’re a prude. Not sure what books the journalist was reading, but I definitely haven’t found that since reading the chosen titles.

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