Happy Palentines Day: My fave platonic relationships in YA

If you weren’t already aware, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Now, I’m not going to jump on the ‘cool, I’m anti-everything’ bus and say I’m opposed to Valentine’s Day. If the day ever comes where someone walks into my life and my head actually allows something to happen there romantically, I’m positive I will buy into the commercial holiday as much as I do every holiday. I agree that there shouldn’t be just one day set aside for you to show your devotion to your partner, but, let’s be real, life is busy and sometimes it’s kinda sweet to give your bae (ew) some special treatment. That said, I’m devoting this year’s Valentine’s Day to platonic relationships, more specifically some of my favourite pals in YA. So, let’s begin.

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‘The Spinster Club Series’ by Holly Bourne

★/5 stars

Published by Usborne!
Ever since finishing my degree and getting back into not only reading but Young Adult Fiction in particular, there’s been a lot of buzz around Holly Bourne’s ‘Spinster Club’ books that I’ve been absolutely drawn to. I care a lot about women’s rights and class myself as a feminist, so the idea of not just one book but a whole trilogy being dedicated to all things feminism, as well as the usual topics YA promises, like mental health and romance… Well, it was enough to have me putting my trust in the hype and purchasing them all in one go. Once I’d read the first instalment ‘Am I Normal Yet?’ and — spoiler alert — fell completely head over heels in love with it, I was afraid that, with the shifting in narrative, I would be disappointed by the next and then the next. But I cared just as much about Amber and Lottie’s story as I did Evie’s. And that’s why I awarded each book a five star rating. I am obsessed. (And counting, rather religiously, down to the release of the NYE-themed novella!)

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