The end of the year book tag

I call myself a book blogger, but here I am probably doing the first of any kind of bookish tag. Better late than never though, right? Allow me to indulge and talk about some of the titles I have loved and had some feelings on this year, and celebrate the incredible authors behind them. You guys are the bees knees and I’m thankful to have spent time losing myself in your pages.

Best book you’ve read in 2017

I expected this to be a difficult choice, but I don’t think anyone in their right mind who has read it cannot not say ‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas. Focusing on police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, this book is immensely of its time and oh so important. It’s such a strong and brilliant debut and I am excited for more #ownvoices, diverse reads from Angie Thomas in the future.

Honorary mentions go to ‘Freshers’ by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison for the hilarious and accurate portrayal of university life in the UK and, duh, ‘Moxie‘ by Jennifer Mathieu. Feminist zines, kickass punk movement and much more. Can I get a hell yes?

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Happy Palentines Day: My fave platonic relationships in YA

If you weren’t already aware, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Now, I’m not going to jump on the ‘cool, I’m anti-everything’ bus and say I’m opposed to Valentine’s Day. If the day ever comes where someone walks into my life and my head actually allows something to happen there romantically, I’m positive I will buy into the commercial holiday as much as I do every holiday. I agree that there shouldn’t be just one day set aside for you to show your devotion to your partner, but, let’s be real, life is busy and sometimes it’s kinda sweet to give your bae (ew) some special treatment. That said, I’m devoting this year’s Valentine’s Day to platonic relationships, more specifically some of my favourite pals in YA. So, let’s begin.

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‘Wing Jones’ by Katherine Webber

/5 stars

Published by Walker Books!

Set in Atlanta in the 90s, Wing Jones struggles to place herself in a world that won’t accept her and her split heritage. With her Granny Dee coming from Ghana and LaoLao, her mum’s mum, from China, Wing doesn’t look like everyone else. Not to mention a large part of her identity is also taken up being Marcus, star American Football player at their school’s little sister. Which also doesn’t exactly bode well for the fact she’s a little bit head over heels infatuated with his childhood best friend, Aaron. Aaron who’s sort of always been there — there there and there invading her heart. But then something tragic happens and what was already so fragile in Wing’s life completely crumbles. And so she does the only thing her body and her lioness and her dragon can. They run.

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