5 Feminist Non-Fiction Reads Every Girl Needs

Since my degree and dedicating a small part of my soul to the not-so-easy-feat of writing a dissertation (something I’m sure I’ve rambled on about quite enough on these parts), I’ve had a far keener interest in exposing myself to more non-fiction, particularly around the topic of women — everything from sexuality to race, gender and so on. It’s something I’m really passionate about and, now that I’m no longer in any form of education (and haven’t been for over two years. FML.), I want to keep my mind ticking over and try and grasp onto some semblance of learning and continuing to broaden my mind.

Realistically then, I should probably be branching out beyond all things feminism. But… I quite like feeling like a woman boss reading about my people and understanding how I can do better as a woman in my position. It’s interesting stuff and I wanted to share some of the excellent books I’ve read over the last couple of years that are a great starting point for anyone either wanting to get into non-fiction or even feminism. These are the books I wish someone had shoved enthusiastically into my hands at sixteen. But I found my way and I hope you will too with these empowering, sometimes incredibly moving reads.

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Book Bites ft. Louise Pentland, Carlie Sorosiak & Jennifer Mathieu

Here we are again. More reading has been done and reviews written in — fairly  quick succession. I say that, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read at least two point five more books since finishing these three, so I’m probably, definitely still behind. But anyway. Fabulous books? Turns out I’ve been reading them. I loved all of these quite a bit and, quite coincidentally, they actually go from a three start review to a four, followed by a five. The best until last (even though, duh, I loved them all, I already said that). Again, unintentional, I promise. Read them all. They’re all pretty special in their own ways and I’ll get onto exactly why right… now!

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A bee & a bonnet

As a woman, I am upset right now. And it may be because I’m even more hyperaware of my inferiority complex since finishing ‘Moxie’ by Jennifer Mathieu. In the book what girls have to say doesn’t even register; they don’t even rank in terms of their… impact, I guess. And I’m upset by this and by my own experiences. I’m upset by the fact that, even since identifying as a feminist and feeling empowered by what I am, I still have these internalised feelings that a man’s word is more important, that I should keep my lips pressed tightly shut even when what I really want to say is, “Hold up, what I wanted to tell you is important, too.”

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I am…

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and thankfully I got through it only hearing one comment about it being sexist (um?) and, ‘Well, when’s International Men’s Day, then?’ November Nineteenth, you demented knob. And, you know, every other day of the year. Other than that one misguided soul, it was a lovely day across the scope of my social media, with so many people praising the beautiful ladies that inspire them and feeling utterly uplifted and empowered. One of my guy friends even sent me a snap with the wonderful IWD filter and the message ‘Go get ’em!’, which just goes to show this isn’t a ‘us or them’ battle. Feminism is simply about having an equal playing field for everyone. Kapiche?

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