‘Love, Hate & Other Filters’ by Samira Ahmed

/5 stars

Published by Hot Key Books!

Maya Aziz is about to take her life from black and white straight into sharp technicolour. Between fuzzy first kisses, unexpected study dates and aspirations to study film at NYU,  Maya is just like any other teenager. Aside from the fact her mum is trying to set her up with a nice Muslim boy and they want to pigeonhole her into a career as a doctor or lawyer. Apart from all that. But then a terrorist attack takes place and all eyes in the small town Maya has grown up in turn on her and her family. From then on, it seems that Maya starts to pay the price for another individual’s cruel and senseless actions.

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‘You Don’t Know Me But I Know You’ by Rebecca Barrow

/5 stars

Published by Harper Teen!

Audrey Spencer doesn’t know it yet, but she’s been piecing her life together through her photographs. There’s her gorgeous, spiky best friend, Rose. Click. Her dreamy, steady musician boyfriend, Julian. Click. And her incredible and talented adoptive mother, Laura, who Audrey loves just as hard with or without shared DNA. Click And then, of course, there’s the rest of the girls. Maria, Jen and new girl Olivia. Click, click, click. As long as they stick together, everything is fine. Audrey even plans to pursue top art schools. However, when the events of 17 years ago start to repeat themselves, Audrey must make a number of difficult decisions. Does she want to keep the baby? Can Julian and her get through this in one piece? And does she want to read the letter her birth mother, Mandy, recently wrote her?

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‘When Dimple Met Rishi’ by Sandhya Menon

/5 stars

Published by Hodder & Stoughton!

Both Dimple and Rishi come from Indian families, but whilst Rishi is set on upholding the practicalities and traditions of arranged marriage, for Dimple holy matrimony could not be further down her list of priorities. With a place confirmed at Stanford University and her heart set on summer program, Insomnia Con, Dimple is ready to make her mark as a coder and meet her idol, Jenny Lindt. A marriage proposal, or even just love, isn’t on her radar. To be fair to Rishi, who’s focus is on the practicality of a union rather than the romantic side of things, love, it would seem, is not on his either. In fact, it’s the last thing both of them would expect.

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Book Bites ft. Nicola Yoon, Margaret Atwood and Maggie Harcourt

I’ve been pretty awful as of late at getting around to reviewing the books I’ve read. To the point where there are even some books I read last year, the reviews of which are sat, gathering dust, in my drafts. Unfortunately bad life events have taken precendence over blogging in general. I’ve also been reading some pretty meaty fantasy books and not making my way through them quite as quickly as I might usually. It’s both a good and bad thing; I’m savouring the stories nestled in the pages that little bit longer, but I’m also becoming pretty tardy with a blog I had thought I’d become quite good at escaping into. So, long story short: I’m here to try and give some quick and snappy reviews of some books I’ve read, both recently and not quite so recently, and offer up the praise they deserve (try being the optimal word — I am a certified rambler. Point and case.).

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