Happy Palentines Day: My fave platonic relationships in YA

If you weren’t already aware, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Now, I’m not going to jump on the ‘cool, I’m anti-everything’ bus and say I’m opposed to Valentine’s Day. If the day ever comes where someone walks into my life and my head actually allows something to happen there romantically, I’m positive I will buy into the commercial holiday as much as I do every holiday. I agree that there shouldn’t be just one day set aside for you to show your devotion to your partner, but, let’s be real, life is busy and sometimes it’s kinda sweet to give your bae (ew) some special treatment. That said, I’m devoting this year’s Valentine’s Day to platonic relationships, more specifically some of my favourite pals in YA. So, let’s begin.

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‘Beautiful Broken Things’ by Sara Barnard

 ✭✭✭/5 stars

Published by Macmillan!
‘Beautiful Broken Things’ by Sara Barnard is set in the seaside backdrop of Brighton and tells the tale of friendship and fragmented individuals from the perspective of ‘just nice’ Caddy. Caddy goes to a private school, different to the state school her best friend of ten years, Rosie, attends. That doesn’t stop them from having the close-knit bond they do though, filling their weekends together and having scheduled 9pm calls before bed with the landline phone pressed up to their ears. Everything about their friendship is perfect and Caddy really wouldn’t have it any other way. She would, however, like to have three things happen by the time she turns seventeen: 1) Get a boyfriend, 2) Lose her virginity, and 3) Experience a Significant Life Event. Perhaps she’ll get more than she bargained for when Rosie introduces her to Suzanne, the new girl at her school. Turns out, worries of possible replacement as the designated Best Friend or how absolutely perfect and interesting Suzanne seems could be the least of Caddy’s worries.