Thirty things before 30

Like with a lot of my posts, I started writing this one a long time ago and it had a completely different beginning. The list itself has remained much the same, growing as I’ve thought long and hard about the things I’d like to squeeze into the next 7 (now 6, because hey I’m 24 today!) years. I started this project back in March, right when it seemed like I was starting to give myself a verbal kick up the bum to finally make life what I wanted it to be rather than impatiently waiting and hoping something would happen. I stand by what I said in the original post:

Up until now, I’ve mostly just floated along and hoped for adventure. I’ve also spent a lot of my time counting down the days until I meet that one person who rocks everything I’d known up until that point. They may never come and I’m sick of waiting or relying on some unidentified human to make me happy, to bring me spontaneity and new angles and elements to this life.”

Quite unexpectedly, things change and people do happen. You know what they say, as soon as you stop looking… So whilst that person may have rocked everything I’d known only a month after I started this list, I still stand by what I said. It’s up to me to make my own adventures, whether solo or as a team. The list is the original with some of the final additions only plotted in the final days of being 23. (Thinking of 30 things is hard!)

Some of them are big, monumental once in a lifetime trips and adventures, whilst others are smaller milestones I’d just quite fancy doing. There’s also that last one, which has been there since this list was conceived, but which I plotted right at the end. Because, if you know me, I’m one for the dramatics. But it turns out that one, along with some of the others, may have already been ticked.

Guess we’ll see when I turn 30, right?

1. Travel solo.

2. Take dance lessons.

3. Date and kiss a lot of frogs.

4. Write/publish a book.

5. Learn to drive.

6. Live in London (again).

7. Read all Jane Austen’s novels.

8. Run a half marathon.

9. Go veggie/vegan for a month.

10. Get at least two more tattoos.

11. Have a prosecco brunch.

12. Enjoy a spa day.

13. Visit New York (and see Anastasia on Broadway).

14. Go to Glastonbury Festival again.

15. Reread Harry Potter.

16. Go to Disneyland Paris again.

17. Get more freelance writing gigs.

18. Keep growing my blog (for me).

19. Visit Edinburgh for the first time.

20. Continue to get fitter and maintain regular exercise.

21. Give blood.

22. Dye my hair a crazy colour.

23. Go to a women’s march.

24. Climb Snowdon.

25. Learn to play the ukulele.

26. Travel to a new continent.

27. Ride a horse.

28. Bullet journal a whole year.

29. Be happy.

30. Fall in love.

What would be on your bucket list?

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