The month of February

Let’s give it up for February. February was good. Surprisingly good. It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve had a solid month where I haven’t been suddenly swamped by heaviness. Throughout February I felt really in-tune with myself. Physically, mentally. I was kind to myself. It was a good month. I went on a date, I had a great girly night complete with hilarious, somewhat terrifying face masks. I reunited with some of my favourite people in the world. And it didn’t drag, which isn’t altogether surprising. As the shortest month, it’s there and gone in a second. I like new months. Although it’s just time passing, a new month always feels like a mini refresh. March, be kind.

Things that made me proud/happy/feel some kind of positive way:

  • I’ve yet to yell about it here, so really you should count yourselves lucky. But… Your girl got quoted in Holly Bourne’s second batch of proof copies for ‘How Do You Like Me Now?’!! I haven’t been blogging in the book community for that long and this feels like a huge thing to tick off my bucket list that I never knew I wanted. Now just to have my name on the front of the actual book. You know, as like an author or something.
  • I had lots of coffee dates, mostly with my colleague from work, but also with school friends, which was really nice. As time as gone on, my extroverted qualities have taken a back seat and I can find big social situations mentally exhausting. It’s a real shame, because I want to be present and enjoy people’s company. But sometimes that… just doesn’t happen. But this month I got to experience it without a wall between me and everything going on.
  • Socialising also involved the pretty much annual reunion with our old drama teachers. Admittedly the group of us that usually go wasn’t as big this year, but I had a lovely tipsy ol’ time chatting away about where we were all at.
  • Annnnnd… I went on a date. My first dating app date that wasn’t someone I already knew prior to the world of Tinder and Bumble. I did something even more unexpected and was kinda spontaneous with it, too! Whether I see him again or not, I’m proud of me and am crossing my fingers I’ll push myself to do it more.
  • History of Magic Harry Potter exhibition at the British Library. An obvious highlight. Much magical-ness.
  • The real magic, though, was in reuniting with my uni squad. I don’t think we’ve all been together in one place since graduation and oh god!! It’s not even about London anymore, it’s just them. I feel at home and content in myself when I am with them. Ugh. Love runs real deep for those gems.

And onto the bookish wrap-up…

Current Reads:

  • ‘I Was Born For This’ by Alice Oseman


  • ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ by J. K. Rowling ★★★★★
  • ‘I Am Thunder’ by Muhammad Khan ★★★★★
  • ‘The Fandom’ by Anna Day ★★★
  • ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ by J. K. Rowling ★★★★★


  • ‘How Do You Like Me Now?’ by Holly Bourne (snazzy proof with my snazzy quote in it)
  • ‘I Was Born For This’ by Alice Oseman (thanks to Harper Collins!)

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