The month of July

Is it bad that with July drawing to a close, I’m becoming more and more aware of just how close autumn is and, wait for it, Christmas. Okay, okay, I won’t be that person, but I am stupidly excited about the leaves changing and reaching for scarves and knitted jumpers. I love layering up and wearing cosy clothes. As happy as the sunlight makes me, as much as I love, love, love those scents of freshly mown grass and hot tarmac that’s been beaten down on all day long, crisp mornings and frosted edges are more my thing. I am a winter baby after all. I’m more comfortable in the cooler months, partly because wearing anything remotely exposing is a tad difficult with my body image issues, but just… Orange and yellow leaves, pumpkin picking, candles and fairylights and holding a hot chocolate takeaway cup in your hands, letting the heat bleed into your palms. It’s all good stuff and I am about it. Obviously July didn’t bring any of that (I am the Queen of tangents), but I guess whilst we’re talking about July moods… my autumn af-ness is shining through.

Things that made me proud/happy/feel some kind of positive way:

  • This month, I started my new job. I cannot tell you the elation to be doing something, anything, that is actually somewhere on the spectrum of my field; to say that, on some level, I am using my degree. Not only that, but to be working full time and earning is so encouraging and proves I can do it, I can and I will make something of myself.
  • Two six day weeks working = not fun. But I survived mostly and I left behind my (hopefully) last dalliance with ‘General Assistant’ type retail roles. With a magnum of prosecco in tow, no less. It’s been real, supermarket that rhymes with… train ferries? (Thanks for that one,
  • Seven books! I consumed. Seven. Books. This month. I don’t think I’ve read anything like that many in a month in a while. It felt unbelievable amounts of good to become consumed in the book worlds again and, although sometimes it makes me out of sorts, I have had a really good pick of ’em as of late.
  • I had run ins with the Douglas Booth bus driver doppelgänger twice!
  • The 11th marked one year since I graduated. An abundance of nostalgia hit me, but also pride that, a year on, I’m getting somewhere. I’m moving forward and not doing what I had always feared I would, that I’d get stuck.
  • Eva and Henry turned two this month. Witnessing a child’s growth as they discover the world around them is kind of incredible (and makes me extra cheesy, apparently). All my nieces and nephews have made the post-uni limbo that little bit less scary, yet they’re all under the age of seven and have literally no idea.
  • I got cute af glasses that I genuinely like the look of on my big ol’ moon face. It’s been a battle since the ripe old age of two and I finally don’t begrudgingly wear a pair of glasses.
  • Dukirk happened and… damn. I need to see that film again, pronto.
  • I caught up with school friends. I have my best friends dotted around the country and also this big group of girls I spent a lot of my Sixth Form wrapped up in, and I don’t see them all (or in dribs and drabs, because there were like eighteen of us) as much as I’d like. Admittedly, I wasn’t making nearly enough effort at points during our years at uni, but I’ve been reminded of just how great they are. We are intelligent, passionate women now and when the conversation flows, it’s so damn good.

And onto the bookish wrap-up…

Current Reads:

  • ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ by Various Authors
  • ‘History is All You Left Me’ by Adam Sivera


  • ‘If Birds Fly Back’ by Carlie Sorosiak ★★★★
  • ‘Wilde Like Me’ by Louise Pentland ★★★
  • ‘Moxie’ by Jennifer Mathieu ★★★★
  • ‘Girlhood’ by Cat Clarke ★★★
  • ‘After The Fire’ by Will Hill ★★★★★
  • ‘Freshers’ by Lucy Ivison & Tom Ellen ★★★★★
  • ‘Unboxed’ by Non Pratt ★★★★


  • ‘The One Memory of Flora Banks’ by Emily Barr
  • ‘Girlhood’ by Cat Clarke
  • ‘After The Fire’ by Will Hill
  • ‘Freshers’ by Lucy Ivison & Tom Ellen
  • ‘Letters to the Lost’ by Brigid Kemmerer
  • ‘The Start of Me and You’ by Emery Lord
  • ‘Moxie’ by Jennifer Mathieu
  • ‘One of Us is Lying’ by Karen M. McManus
  • ‘Oriting Jupiter’ by Gary D. Schmidt
  • ‘History is All You Left Me’ by Adam Silvera


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    • It keeps my thoughts a little more organised. If I tried to summarise my months in paragraphs, these posts would go on forever and it’s not to have highlights to read over 🙂 Thank you! x


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