The month of April

Yep, I’m still here. You probably didn’t notice that I broke my long stretch of consistently blogging at least once a week. Well, the events of April, or more specifically one event in April, made my ability to focus on anything but said event and the fallout pretty non-existent. You know it’s bad when I of all people struggle to turn one page, read one word in a day, a week. It’s been grim and, I imagine, will continue to be just that for the foreseeable. I am lucky in that it didn’t happen to me. However, it did happen to someone I love and I’ve learned that, in some ways, that’s almost harder. So forgive me for my absence and that this month I won’t be doing my usual summary of positive moments. It kind of seems like a bit of a kick in the teeth right now, you know? What I will say, aside from my usual bookish stuff, is that reading ‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas managed to preoccupy me, which was no easy feat when literally nothing could stop me from racking my brains and reminding myself this was real, it had happened. I’m happy this important, brave book was able to be there if and when I could squeeze in a couple pages and that that meant I could really, truly savour it. I’m sure a review for it will be up shortly, but in the meantime, here’s the month of April in books…

Current Reads:

  • ‘Letters To My Fanny’ by Cherry Healey
  • ‘Countless’ by Karen Gregory



  • ‘Flight Of A Starling’ by Lisa Heathfield (via NetGalley)
  • ‘Like Other Girls’ by Claire Hennessy (via NetGalley)
  • ‘When Dimple Met Rishi’ by Sandhya Menon (via NetGalley)
  • ‘Fat is a Feminist Issue’ by Susie Orbach
  • ‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas’

(If you’d like to see what April consisted of other than books and dark clouds, check out my personal Instagram!)


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