‘Doing It: Let’s Talk About Sex’ by Hannah Witton

/5 stars

Published by Hachette Children’s Group!

Figuring out how to build and maintain healthy relationships – with your family, friends, romantically and with yourself – is a crucial part of being a teen. It’s not easy though, particularly in a digital age where information and advice are so forthcoming it can be hard to know who or what to believe or trust. Porn is everywhere, sexting is the norm and messages about body image are highly mixed. Hannah combats this by tackling subjects ranging from masturbation and puberty to slut shaming and consent in an accessible, relatable and extremely honest way. She is unembarrassed about bringing little-discussed topics into the open, and as such empowers teens to have the confidence to conduct relationships on their terms, and in a way that they feel comfortable with.

When I heard YouTuber and self-confessed sexpert, Hannah Witton — arguably my fave lady on the internet — was bringing out a book all about, yes, you’ve guessed it, sex, I couldn’t have been more excited. From orgasms to body image, sexuality to getting it on with yo’self, ‘Doing It’ covers it all, busting the myths and giving it to you straight in a completely inclusive and unabashed way that Hannah does oh so well. It goes without saying it was also feminist AF; the sense of not just female empowerment but empowerment as humans with these incredible bodies that we can do so much with was truly inspiring and uplifting.

‘Doing It’ felt to me like the kind of sex ed we need in schools. Now. Pronto. Hannah’s style of writing was accessible, delivering the facts and also opening up the pages for outside contributions to touch on matters she, as a white, cis, straight, able-bodied woman, couldn’t necessarily comment on to the best of her abilities. The addition of hilarious anecdotes also added a bit of grit, offering anyone who, like me, wanted to pick the book up partly because they’re familiar with and enjoy Hannah’s YouTube content, new, never before told stories. Because, let’s be real, we’re all kind of nosy and love love love hearing about other peoples sexual escapades.

For me, reading ‘Doing It’ was a lot about reconfirming and solidifying my thoughts on certain subject matters, as well as acting as a reassuring hand on my shoulder. And I think if I, a twenty-two year old woman, who hasn’t necessarily lived a lot but at least a fair bit, can say that ‘Doing It’ has impacted not only the way I view sex, but how I view myself and my body, then surely this fab book can do nothing but good things for young girls who are in need of a valuable, frank and kind discussion on something still regarded largely as taboo. I said it about ‘Girl Up’ and I’ll say it again… This is a book I would want nothing more than to put into my future children’s hands, because it educates and validates your feelings and your identity, no matter which boxes you do or don’t tick.

Favourite lines:

“I’ve never bought into the idea of ‘finding your other half’; everyone is whole on their own and being in a relationship makes a team, not a single unit.”

“There’s nothing wrong with admitting that other people liking you makes you feel better about yourself, but it is important to have at least a foundation of self-love for that to build on.”

“Clothes should be made to fit us, we don’t have to change to fit clothes. Wear the clothes that make you feel comfortable, confident and that you like.”

Thank you to Hachette Children’s Group via NetGalley for this review copy!*

‘Doing It: Let’s Talk About Sex’ is out 6th April!

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