The month of January

You might have noticed that I didn’t do my usual summary at the beginning of last month for December’s bookish round-up. I mean, you probably didn’t. But you might’ve. I did actually start composing the post, but it ended up waffling about the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. And I think in December I maybe did enough talking and reflecting, enough that I could probably afford to save my breath, anyway. Plus, and actually this is the most important part, I want to re-shape the way I write my monthly summaries a smidgen; make them more structured and have them document better my life, month to month. I want to continue with my lists of consumed and bought books, but I might also be throwing some other lists in there, too. So let’s see how this works…

10 things that made me proud/happy/feel some kind of postive way:

  • I wrote a short story that people read and enjoyed, including SARA BARNARD!
  • I carried out my first author Q&A on my blog with Louise Gornall about her gorgeous book ‘Under Rose-Tainted Skies’.
  • I started doing at least 50 sit-ups before bed and have gone on a twenty-minute run. Just the one, but still!
  • Getting involved in book chats on Twitter and getting to feel the sheer passion we collectively share about YA has filled me with huge bursts of inspiration and motivation.
  • Reached my first saving milestone for the future/London.
  • I started a note on my phone for my future novel. The idea has been circulating in my brain for a while and it’s still not budging in terms of actual words in a document, but I can feel it brewing.
  • My interests in feminism/social injustice have really truly cemented this past year and a half and I know now I want to be more active in making a difference, (vague, but it feels good to have that basis for passion), especially in terms of the articles/books/things I write in the future.
  • I spent a lot of time with my nieces and nephews, who are becoming such characters and I love ’em.
  • I’ve read a wide range of books too this month. From YA contemporary and fantasy to feminist theory and political and social commentary poetry.
  • Plans have been made for 2017, both imminent and later in the year: The Lake District, seeing ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with my sisters and mum, uni chum reunions, with potentially a few other travelling opportunities in the pipeline.

And onto the bookish wrap-up…

Current Reads:

  • ‘Girl Up’ by Laura Bates
  • ‘Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy’ by Cassandra Clare


  • ‘Heartless’ by Marissa Meyer ★★★
  • ‘we carry the sky’ by Mckayla Robin ★★★★★
  • ‘Six of Crows’ by Leigh Bardugo ★★★★★
  • ‘We Come Apart’ by Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan ★★★★
  • ‘Girl Online: Going Solo’ by Zoe Sugg ★★★
  • ‘Wing Jones’ by Katherine Webber ★★★★★
  • ‘Solitare’ by Alice Oseman ★★★★


  • ‘A Quiet Kind of Thunder’ by Sara Barnard (thanks to My Kinda Book!)
  • ‘The Brontë Sisters Boxed Set’ by Charlotte, Anne and Emily Brontë
  • ‘Under Rose-Tainted Skies’ by Louise Gornall
  • ‘Solitare’ by Alice Oseman
  • ‘Radio Silence’ by Alice Oseman
  • ‘Wing Jones’ by Katherine Webb

January has been a month. And what I mean by that…? Well, it’s been up and down. It started on such a high reining in the new year with some of my bestest uni pals, so to be parted from them once again obviously wasn’t exactly easy. In 2016 I really began to consider my mental health and what its current status is. I’ve always shrugged it off and thought that there were people out there with much more telling conditions, or who are suffering in other, far more horrible ways. And whilst it’s true I’m very fortunate, I’m starting to realise, as these emotions and battles in my head become more magnified, that it’s not always the brightest idea to ignore it just because you’re better off than someone with more visible signs of health problems, even in the mental health spectrum where generally they’re more invisible symptoms. January has been a lot about that and reading my body and my emotions and trying to understand what is normal and what is perhaps… a problem. But I’m kind of the worst when it comes to visiting doctors about normal aches and pains, so getting to a point where I want to talk about this with people other than those on the internet is going to be a journey in itself. By starting my little list of things that made me proud/happy/etc, I’m hoping to at least monitor and enhance the lighter notes in my months, instead of drowning in the sad. So, there, have that information dumb. See ya once February is through!

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