New chapter

 There are a lot of reasons as to why my choice of title for this blog post is so fitting. The one that’ll probably jump out to anyone who knows a little bit about me is the fact that I’ve finished my undergrad and have thus upped sticks and moved back to my childhood home for the foreseeable future. In this sense, then, I’m stepping into a new chapter of my life, in which I’ve got to somehow navigate the grown up world and start ‘adulting’, whatever that means. I’ve convinced myself that no one actually really knows and that we’re all just pretending to know what we’re doing, parents included. Perhaps I have a little of the Peter Pan syndrome in me in that case? There will probably always be some part of me that’s still a kid (i.e. Disney foreverrrrr).

Anyway, I’m back home and hoping to claw my way back to London soon. It’s still the place I see myself and my whole future being. Nestled in some damp, mould-ridden flat that’s not very spacious for the extortionately steep monthly rent. Right in the heart of London, beneath the near-constant canopy of grey clouds and vertigo-inducing skyscrapers. Ah, I can see it now. Doesn’t it sound just wonderful?


The one thing keeping the heartache of leaving one of my favourite cities in the world at bay is the fact that I’m currently working as a freelance writer for Maximum Pop! It’s a lot of fun and it’s allowing me to learn and gain some pretty key skills necessary to be the successful writer/journalist I want to be someday. Not only that, but with the heat off in terms of academia, I also have time to read and write and do other things, which leads me onto one of the other meanings behind the title.


I’m resurrecting the blog, guys, and I’m really freakin’ excited and motivated to stick to it this time. As you may have noticed, I’ve given this space a serious face-lift and cleared out the vast majority of posts. I want ‘Most Ardently Alice’ to be a testament to the things I love and care about, as well as the thoughts I have. There was a lot of rubbish clogging up the place before that wasn’t entirely me, or, you know, very good, so all that is gone now and we’re left with a blank canvas. Well, sort of, anyway. Expect lots more book related goodness — because being a student stole away with my bookworm tendencies —and a good healthy bout of my usual ramblings about everything and anything that takes my fancy.

I’m both excited and petrified about this new chapter of mine, but I guess that is to be expected when you have the mammoth task of carving a career out for yourself and £45k+ worth of student debt you have to somehow justify to yourself on the daily. Adulthood sure is fun — I can’t wait to share it all with you.


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