Just another resolutions post

We are fifteen days into 2015 and I’m just now writing this post (probably sixteen by the time I post this). I wanted to document them, partly because I feel comfortable writing them in a place that is a little more permanent than my brain — which sometimes functions more like a sieve — and I do, to an extent, actually have hopes of sticking to them. Some of them won’t sound dissimilar to the types of things I wrote about in my letter to my future, hopefully even more fabulous, self, but that’s fine. This is more for me than it is for you, dear reader (although I hope you enjoy reading my self indulgent rambles all the same). 
Number 1, Girl Power
2015 is a year of embracing your gal pals (and your male friends too — sorry for the slightly alienating subheading there). University is all about working hard, yes, but also about being young and having fun, drinking a little too much and paying for it the next day. So do that. Be reckless, push yourself to go out even if you’re feeling exhausted — you’ll more than likely wish you had later. Obviously prioritise nights in when you need to, but first semester of second year has already proved to be a hell of a lot more enjoyable when you get out there than first year was at times. Proceed 2015 how you ended 2014.
Number 2, Radiate self love
It’s about time we all started accepting ourselves for who we are and what we’ve got, rather than what we don’t have and the parts we’d like to adjust or completely eradicate. Sure, if you feel motivated to start exercising, do that, but don’t guilt trip yourself into it. You’re a healthy weight and your lumps and bumps aren’t all that bad — it’s a reminder that you’re a woman more than anything else, not a twelve year old, prepubescent girl. You’ve got a good few years ahead of you yet in this body, so you may as well start to appreciate it and then maybe you’ll emit confidence in the process. And you know what they say, confidence is sexy!
Number 3, Go after what you want
Don’t be afraid. You’re not going to get anything in life by hiding away and being scared. I know sometimes finding the courage to do something is difficult, but opportunities can fly by in a heartbeat and some of those decisions might turn out to be the best you ever made. And if not, at least you tried. Be more proactive, because, in the process, you may just make yourself a whole lot happier.
Three is a nice safe number and I can already see myself doing these things. It’s early days, so fingers crossed. What are your new year resolutions?

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