Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Yes, that’s right — I’ve finished another book. And not just any other book, another Rainbow Rowell book! It was recommended to me by Emma when I posted a picture on my instagram about reading ‘Eleanor & Park’. After enjoying my first Rainbow Rowell experience so much, I just had to have another story from her wonderful brain. ‘Fangirl’ did not disappoint. Dare I say that it might have even been better than ‘Eleanor & Park’? 
‘Fangirl’ follows Cather and Wren on their experiences in their first year of university. As with any set of twins, there always seems to be that one that has the upper hand in life. Cather is not that twin. Although smarter, Cather is nowhere near as outgoing as Wren, and is often cooped up writing fan fiction about the world of Simon Snow. Much like ‘Eleanor & Park’, ‘Fangirl’ touches on some serious issues, such as abandonment and mental health. And, of course, there is also love.

When comparing ‘Fangirl’ to ‘Eleanor & Park’, I’d say it was a much more thought out story. Not in the sense that ‘Eleanor & Park’ was carelessly written; I think ‘Eleanor & Park’ was meant to be more fast paced and fleeting to capture adolesence (as I said in my previous review). ‘Fangirl’ on the other hand, was more progressive with that typical beginning, middle, end structure. Physically, this makes a lot of sense as ‘Fangirl’ is considerably longer than ‘Eleanor & Park’. (That didn’t stop me reading it in three days though, evidently!)

Similarly with ‘Eleanor & Park’, ‘Fangirl’ hit me emotionally. There’s no way to really sum up those reactions other than the book made me feel all the feels! I was reading it on the train back to London, and within that hour and three quarter journey, I had wanted to laugh, I had wanted to cry, and I had experienced that butterfly sensation in the pit of my stomach.

It was a wonderful read, and I honestly didn’t want it to end. I’m definitely hooked on Rainbow Rowell now! Thank you much to Emma for the recommendation and, honestly guys, check her out — her blog is lovely!

7 responses to “Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell”

  1. Glad you enjoy it! I preferred this book to Eleanor and Park, which I read after. The only thing I didn't really like were the passages from Simon Snow, they kinda seemed totally separate and unnecessary that I basically skipped them, but this didn't stop me loving the book 🙂 xx


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